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Welcoming Committee

Welcome to Sun Valley Lake!

It appears that the growth at Sun Valley Lake is continuing! Existing homes are being bought and additional new homes have building permits and are ready to begin or are in the process of building.  As a result, the Welcoming Committee has been keeping busy.

The goal of the welcoming Committee is to greet and welcome new homeowners to the lake.  Ringgold County sends new ownership deeds to the SVILA Office.  The office then forwards the deeds to our committee. We then determine if new ownership is a home or a lot that was purchased.  We put together a welcoming package, which is an insulated bag and includes an information packet, a beach towel with the Sun Valley Logo, and advertisements and gift items from various businesses in the community.  Then we're ready to deliver the bags to new homeowners.

An information packet is also mailed to each new lot owner, with the plan to deliver a welcome bag once their house is built and they have moved in.  We regularly obtained the building permits from the SVILA Office.  We'll keep an eye open for when those homes are built, and new members move in.  We'd like those new homeowners to get a Welcome bag as well.

If you are new to the lake and feel we have missed anyone, please give me a call at 515-865-1166