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B&D Rules/Changes

Member Access to SVILA’s Current Building and Development Rules

The Environmental Committee publishes and maintains the Building and Development Rules used by all members of the Association. The entire set of rules and guidelines is contained in a single document, located at the following link: Building Rules & Restrictions

These rules are also made available to the public and non-members who might be considering SVILA property purchase or development.

Accordingly, the Building and Development Rules are posted in the public access portion of the Sun Valley Iowa Lake Association website.

How SVILA Amends or Updates the Building & Development Rules

SVILA’s Building & Development rules have evolved over time to remain aligned with member’s desires and Association goals. Some reasons for these updates include:

  • Inclusion of modern building practices
  • Aesthetic consistency in various portions of the development
  • Considerations by the Association in maintaining and supporting the private infrastructure of the SVILA property 

Rule changes are created, reviewed & updated by the Environmental Committee, and validated by the Board of Directors.

Individual members may recommend changes to these rules by submitting a request to/through the Environmental Committee. Change recommendations must be in written form and submitted to the EC via the committee’s email address. Once submitted, the EC has final authority over which changes/suggestions it will consider and take forward for adoption and validation.