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The Beautification Committee is a voluntary group of SVILA members responsible for the upkeep of three areas of the Association:
  • Association Building
  • J-20 Entrance Sign
  • Beach & Beach House Area

Our Committee activities include trimming, weeding, removing and adding new plants and landscaping. The committee also participates in the Parrot Heads' annual Clean-up Day around the lake grounds each spring season!

Some past projects completed by the Beautification Committee include:

  • Replacing several original, decorative plants around the front of the Association building.
  • Enhancing the Deck area with hanging baskets and flowers pots.
  • Installed a drip-line watering system at the J-20 Entrance sign, as well as on the deck, for the hanging planter baskets.
  • In 2021, this committee placed a large map of the lake complete with lot numbers and road names in the Association lobby, as an aid for the members, as well as potential buyers and visitors.

Future Plans:

We are planning to install a drip-line watering system at the beach along with new plantings once some retaining wall repairs are completed.