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Permit & Contractor Guidelines

General Guidelines for What and When Permits are Required

Requesting and gaining an approved Building Permit at Sun Valley Lake should be considered ‘the rule’ versus ‘the exception’ by any owner/member of the Association wishing to improve their property. Any significant exterior work done to improve real estate or real property typically requires the approval and issuance of a permit, in advance of the work being started.

Contractor Guidelines to Bid & Complete Work at Sun Valley

Contractors are required to show proof of insurance and business viability (upon demand) before beginning any work at Sun Valley Lake. Contractors unable to provide these items should self-disclose and recuse themselves from bidding on building and development projects. Contractors violating these rules/guidelines can be barred from the development and be placed on a ‘Do Not Use’ listing made available to SVILA members from the Association.

Statement on Member Consultation Requests

The EC receives numerous written and verbal requests each year regarding rules clarifications, project size thresholds, types of building materials allowed, and other project-specific questions. In most circumstances, committee members try to provide timely and consistent responses that assist the homeowner with making a project and/or permit decision.

Where individual committee member advice is offered, that advice should NOT be construed as an EC permit approval. Committee permit approvals are just that, approvals or decisions resulting from committee review and discussion. Committee approvals are ALWAYS transmitted via email message, vice other, informal means.

Minor Repairs

Members are encouraged to always keep their property and homes in good condition and are at liberty to effect minor repairs when conditions warrant. Minor repairs are typically defined as work done to replace existing structures or landscaping that has degraded or been damaged and that would constitute a small overall effort (less than 1 day) to complete. Examples of minor repairs might include replacement of a few deck boards, refreshing/replacing a small amount of landscape stone in an existing bed, replacing individual decorative plants that have died, and other, similar activities.